Best Things To Do In Guwahati In 48 Hours

Guwahati – a city like any other. Considered being the gateway to North East India, this faceless city to some is still just a starting point for their trips to more fascinating destinations like Meghalaya, Kaziranga, and Majuali. This summer I was there for about four days and left no stone unturned to explore this urbane yet very much culturally ground city. So, if you have a stopover at this multi hued city, then read on to explore the best thingsGuwahati in 48 hours.

Day 1:

6.00 am – Visit Kamakhaya Devalaya Temple

Invoke the blessings of Goddess Kamakhya before you start your Guwahati adventures. One of the most important ‘Shakti Peeths’, Kamakhya is famous for being the hub for tantric ritualism in India. I would suggest that you visit the temple complex but don’t get into the rush of going into the interior sanctum of the goddess. One can do ‘Darshan’ even from the outside without getting into the never-ending queues. Inside the temple complex, there is a smaller temple in the middle of the courtyard, just before the slaughter area from where you can take a peak and see the goddess.

Priest offering flowers to the Goddess
Kamakhaya Temple in Guwahati

Important Information:

Opening Time: 5.30 am to 1. 00 pm (Morning)
2.30 pm to 5.15 pm (Evening)
7.30 pm Aarati of Goddess

For more details read my blog on Kamakhya Temple.

9.00 am – Explore the cluster of temples at Hajo and Poa Mecca

Symbol of cultural diversity can be seen at Hajo and Poa Mecca, where Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims co-exist in harmony. An ancient pilgrimage site, Hajo is just 30 km away from the metropolitan city of Guwahati. We explored this hidden gem of Assam with Kopou Escapes. It’s advisable to hire a private car for a day trip to Hajo, but if you are on a budget then buses and trains are easily available to Kamrup district. Also, it is better to hire a guide who can explain the local culture and history of the place to you as online information is limited.

Hajo Temple
Lord Vishnu in his horse headed avatar

For more details read my blog on Hajo and Poa Mecca.

11.00 am – Sualkuchi

Sualkuchi is around 35 km from Guwahati and is known for its traditional weaving community. It is the textile hub of Assam where weavers work with three types of silk – Muga (known as Golden Silk as its only found in Sualkuchi), Eri and Pat. One can buy beautiful Mekhela Chadors and Gamosas directly from the weavers here. If you request the locals they can also take you to their farms where they breed silkworms and explain to you the process of sericulture.

Make sure you reach before 1 PM as the weavers go for lunch and sometimes don’t come back till 4.00 PM.

Mekhala Chador
Weaver working on her loom
Threads of Gold
Farming of silkworms at Sualkuchi

Read more about Sualkuchi here:

Sualkuchi: Manchester of Assam

Tangled Threads: The Uncertain Future of Sualkuchi Silk Weaving

4.30 pm – Cruising the Mighty Brahmaputra

See the sun go down while cruising on the Brahmaputra. Sit back at the upper deck, order some snacks, maybe be a drink too and enjoy the breathtaking panorama. Music lovers should book the lower deck for some soulful live music.

Brahmaputra Cruise
Brahmaputra Cruise with Alfresco Grand

Cruise Information at Alfresco Grand

Sunset Cruise:

Reporting Time: 4.30 PM
Cruise Time: 5 PM to 6 PM
Upper deck: 350 for adults and 250 for children
Lower deck: 300 for adults and 200 for children (3-12 years)

Sundown Cruise:

Reporting Time: 6.00 PM
Cruise Time: 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM
Upper deck: 350 for adults and 250 for children
Lower deck: 300 for adults and 200 for children (3-12 years)

One can also opt for Dinner Cruise which starts at 8.00 pm till 10.00 pm and costs 1200/- for adults and 800/- for children. It includes dinner, Assamese folk dance performance, classical Satriya and Gayan Bayan and Live singing performances.

Contact Details: 9435558001/8002/9854958549

7.00 pm – Café Hopping

You will be spoilt with options, Guwahati caters to many types of cuisines and culinary experiences. But after an exhausting day, I suggest you relax in a cozy little cafe. My favorite is Cafe Craft at Pension Para Lane, this cutesy cafe also houses an art studio.

List of good cafes in Guwahati:

  1. 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro
  2. The Zouq Restro Cafe
  3. The Corner Cafe
  4. Mocha

Day 2:

7.00 am – Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

People mostly go to Kaziranga to spot Rhinos, but trust me Pobitora is better for sighting the one-horned rhinos. 40 km from Guwahati, Pobitora lies in the floodplains of river Brahmaputra and is surrounded by 27 villages on its fringes. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to the barking deer, Asiatic wild buffalo, wild boar, elephants and  375 species of birds.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
Home to the One-Horned Rhino – Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

10.30 am -Mayong

My grandmother used to tell me stories of place in Assam where black magic and witchcraft was quite popular. I don’t remember the stories now but I do how they glorified magic and the supernatural. Mayong is the black magic capital of India, here you will hear stories of men turning into birds, animals speaking to people, Ojhas chasing evil spirits and strange things taking place which are unmentionables.

4.30 pm – Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple

Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and is an important Hindu temple in Guwahati. The temple marvels in white, South India temple style of architecture has enhanced its beauty. There are other smaller temples inside the temple vicinity dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Goddess Padmavati and Garuda.

Purva Tirupati Shri Balaji Temple
Purva Tirupati Shri Balaji Temple

5.30 pm – Dipor Bill

Dipor Bill is one of the largest Ramsar site wetlands of Lower Assam in the Brahmaputra. Rich in flora and fauna, Dipor bill is quite famous in the birding circles as it is a natural habitat for around 220 species of birds.

6.30 pm – Try Local Cuisine

Have you tried the traditional Assamese Thali? No!! Then you must spend your evening hogging local thali that consists of rice, dal
Khar, tok, one seasonal veggie [Bhindi, Parval etc], chicken khorika and Payash.

Traditional Assamese Thali
Traditional Assamese Thali

Best Places for Traditional Assamese Food:
1. Khorikaa
2. Mising Kitchen
3. Bamboo Heights Ethenic Family Restaurant
4.Paradise Restaurant
5. Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant

Often people come to Guwahati and use it as a transit. I have also done the same many a times but this time around I decided to give Guwahati a few days to explore the city in its full bloom during monsoons.  I explored the nook and corner of ignored towns of Hajo, Poa Mecca and Sualkuchi with @kopouescapes.

Kopou Escapes provide bespoke journeys to the North Eastern states of India. Their tours are tailor-made, providing insider tips and insights to the enchanting ‘Eight Sisters’. Their curated experiences are designed to promote sustainable livelihood for local communities.

Pushed for time?

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Best Things to do in Guwahati
Best Things to do in Guwahati
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If it wasn't for some dear friends who backed out of a trip to Ladakh, Suman wouldn't have been sharing these travel stories today! It was an eye opener, her first solo trip. Beyond the shenanigans of youthful days, Suman experienced a world of many dimensions. With her words, Suman hopes to share and inspire.

32 thoughts on “Best Things To Do In Guwahati In 48 Hours

  1. Suman, you have nicely summarized things to do and places to see in Guwahati in 2 days. I was there for a day last winter with my parents and I managed to visit Kamakhya temple. It was very foggy in the morning, so we could not cross the river to go to Umadevi temple, but what I loved the most was the local cuisine. I love Assamese food.

  2. Guwahati is such a lovely city! The more I visit there, the more I fall in love with the place. You have given a great itinerary for 2 days. I have been in Guwahati so many times, but I did not know about Mayong. This place needs to be visited the next time I am there. And do they still practice witchcraft and black magic at Mayong?

    1. Hey there, they say it’s still practiced but there is no proof of the craft. The young generation didn’t want to learn magic. It’s a dying practice though 🙂

    1. I would suggest Kamakhaya temple, not just for its religious aspect but also because it opens at 6:30 AM and the rush is relatively very low. Or start for Pobitra wildlife sanctuary maybe? (sorry for the late response 🙂 )

  3. Wow a lot to see and experience in two days! I’ve been to a silk factory in China but did not get anything. If I visit another silk factory, I think I would want to get a scarf for sure. Three hour lunch break though!? That sounds awesome because I usually get food coma after a heavy meal haha

  4. I think we would really enjoy the wildlife sanctuaries and different habitats that are available. There are so many temples in India and it is amazing at how different they all are. We also enjoy seeing artisan crafts made so we can buy them right from the people that make the,

    1. I am sure you will enjoy India. The temples across India have a distinct character of their own, varies with places & culture. I bought a beautiful scraf from Guwahati when I was there, worth the spend.

  5. This is a great two day itinerary! It’s got everything! Rhinos, traditional crafts, temples, a sunset river cruise and food 🙂 Perfect! It sounds like a great place to visit.

  6. I have not yet been to India, but this is a tantalizing post! I love the temples and the wildlife. Another place to add to the list. 🙂

  7. I have never been to Guwahati and haven’t even thought about it but I also did not know that there is so much to do there! I’d probably skip the temples though and look for some good food in one of those cafes you’ve mentioned or enjoy a boat ride of the Brahmaputra river. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary also looks like a good place to visit.

    1. Thanks Divya. North East is blessed with lot of flaura & fauna. I am sure you will enjoy traveling through these less explored (& exploited) hills. happy traveling 🙂

    1. Yo should come back soon Lauren. Do meet me if you are in Delhi 🙂 Also, if you want help in visiting North East, would be glad to share my experiences. Happy Traveling.

  8. While coming to Deepor Beel in Guwahati, one can plan to visit AVA Creations, a community weaving cum production center just 4 kms away from Deepor Beel towards Guwahati Airport via Gorchuk Pamohi Airport Road. AVA Creations working with forest dependent communities by providing them a alternate livelihood through weaving so that they can generate a sustainable income and thereby their dependency on forest can be reduced. You can practically see that how hand-loom is converted to a hope-loom in forest conservation.

    1. Thanks Leanne, you should definitely visit India (and its many temples). Temples in India are quite distinct in layout, architecture, the stories around it & the aura – from place to place. You will have a great time for sure 🙂 Ping me if you need assistance in planning 🙂

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