Melting Pot Tiffins

The most difficult part for me while ordering food is to choose what to eat and what not to. Because honestly, I want to try a bit of everything. 😁
I want the entire menu as a sampler. And that is only possible when you order a thali, but hardly you find a place with variety in thalis in New Delhi. I am so bored with eating Punjabi thalis.

I heard about Melting Pot Tiffins just two days back from a friend. New and exciting food makes me curious, so I checked out their website as I couldn’t wait to order from them. And here is my two cents about their food.

Eclectic Regional Meals

They specialise is tiffins (thali), and provide a wide range of eclectic regional meal options from all over India. South indian, Goan, Anglo Indian, Bangali, Marwari, Gujarati or Sadda Dilli cuisine, whatever you fancy they got you covered.
Portion sizes are good, taste is authentic, they have variety and one can even choose what to have in their tiffin plus they home deliver. Goodness of food delivered right at your doorstep.

Goan Chicken tiffin

Goan Chicken thali had chicken Cafreal, mix vegetable shagoti, pineapple cucumber & double sesame salad, bean foogath, ragi flat appam and steamed spinach pao.

Goan Chicken Tiffin

Anglo Indian Jhalfrezie tiffin

Anglo-Indian Jhalfrezie thali had mutton Jhalfrezie, eggplant pickle, raw mango kachumber, rice & masoor dal pulao and mutton croquettes.

Anglo-India Jhalfrezie Tiffin

Innovative Desserts

Bhapa Doi cheesecake & Khajoor and Adrak cake.
I give the team of Melting Pot Tiffins 5/5. These guys also did some awesome work with Cafe Lota, Roots cafe and the Triveni tea terrace.

Dates and ginger cake
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