The lone fisherman… and me
On an October morning, I woke up at dawn in a very long time…
with no concrete structures in front of me – just water & with a green outline!

And then he rowed into my vision, a speck with a life – a Fisherman on his boat.

He rowed across the lake, my eyes followed him.

The speck grew bigger, while my mind wandered into Hemingway’s ‘Old Man and the Sea’.

Santiago! Yes he was Santiago, the Old Man after the Big Fish.

He paused. I think he heard me call him by his name, or was it the Big Fish or that boat in the distance?

He resumed doing what he is good at, he rowed steadily across the lake!

He was very near to me, but he never looked at me.
His mind & eyes focused on the Big Fish that he is yet to see.

He was strong, he leaned forward.
The boat moving ahead, every time he swayed.
Swiftly but steady, cutting through the clear waters,
Like that bird, in the blue sky beyond.

There was determination in his posture, strength in his arms,
Swift was his skiff, but a peck on the lake!

He leaned again, and the skiff moved again…but this time, it was moving away from me.

I stared at him, as he moved towards the edge… till where my eyes could follow him.
Was it the moist breeze or my mind, i closed my moist eyes for a moment.

As he rowed away from my eyes, my mind wished him luck…
“Santiago, may you get the big one today”

My encounter:

I wrote this on my personal blog in 2014, friends & me where out in a houseboat in Vembanad Lake.

These pictures are the most powerful ones i might have ever clicked. When i was clicking him, my mind was racing through the pages of Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea.

I cannot explain how i felt that day. I could hear his oar hitting the water and it made music. There was nothing in my field of vision but him. A certain silence prevailed & and it brought a certain peace in me. How we try hard to race with time, when time actually stops for us!


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Doulos calls himself a 'desi', since he prefer to explore the vast lands within the Indian boundary... mostly clad in a dhoti. He is extremely passionate about people & their stories. In his travels, he is often caught flirting with rivers & can be seen dancing when it rains. History, heritage & environment are his causes; dogs are weakness.

14 thoughts on “The lone fisherman… and me

  1. Lovely captures and observations! I haven’t read Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea but I can see how you would have images from it running in your mind while capturing these lovely, oddly calming, pictures of the fisherman.

  2. These pictures are amazing – and very powerful, like you say. Even without one word, they would tell a story – and that’s what excellent photography is all about. Breathtaking!

  3. This is a very different post, Suman. Such a lovely work with the sequence of photos along with the lovely lines jotted by you. Great share.

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