5 Ways To Save Money While Travelling

We all want to travel the world, don`t we? But some of us are chained with the lack of time and others do not have ample funds. We hear it every day about air tickets getting costlier, currency getting weaker and travel getting expensive by the hour. For most of the travellers, it has become a matter of concern as it’s getting difficult to afford a decent vacation in this fluctuating economy.

Keeping these issues in mind, I have come up with some money saving tips while you are on the road.

1. Eat Street

Eating out of local food joints instead of wasting money at high-end restaurants is a very good idea. It will keep your pocket safe and you get a chance to explore traditional cuisines as well.

2. Avoid Impulsive Shopping

Hold your impulses of buying attractive knick knacks which usually ends up at the back of our cupboards. Buying costly souvenirs for friends and family is a noble idea but don`t just buy anything, do a little survey and I am sure you will strike a good deal with a little bargaining.

3. Share a Cab/ Room

While travelling everybody in India is looking for saving for bucks, mingle with fellow travellers and you could share a cab/ room/ food bills with them. Keep safety issues in mind and then only trust a person. It`s always advisable to get some basic information from your fellow travellers just to be on a safer side.

4. Interact with Locals

Locals will help you a great deal in India from finding an affordable accommodation to eating at the best food joints where you will be exploiting your taste buds and if you have good interpersonal skills then you might just get lucky and get yourself a free tour guide to show you around the city.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk

Measuring the length and breadth of a city by walking is the best way to see around. Get the whole feel of the place, explore hidden alleys and find new eateries. Instead of hiring a taxi/tuk tuk, it is best that you walk around.

So when you plan your next big trip, keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind and I am sure you will save some big bucks.

Happy Traveling!!!

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If it wasn't for some dear friends who backed out of a trip to Ladakh, Suman wouldn't have been sharing these travel stories today! It was an eye opener, her first solo trip. Beyond the shenanigans of youthful days, Suman experienced a world of many dimensions. With her words, Suman hopes to share and inspire.

12 thoughts on “5 Ways To Save Money While Travelling

  1. These tips are so useful and practical and I already started using some of them. How do you choose which street food to eat?

  2. I definitely agree with you about sharing a taxi and room with a fellow traveler, this certainly halves expenses. I love to visit the sites of the city on foot, it’s good exercise and you can choose your own pace.

  3. Definitely great ways to save money while traveling. I always try to eat street food to avoid expensive restaurants, and rarely use transport – it allows to both save money and discover new places while heading to your destination. Absolutely agree with each and every point.

  4. Eating street food and walking around to explore not only saves money, it also gives you an oppurtunity to know a place more intimately. Some really great tips you have shared to save pockets. I generally avoid shopping while travelling as it is sometimes waste of time and money.

  5. What a great tips! Eating street food and walking is something I enjoy the most while I am travelling and I don’t even realised how much money I am saving 🙂 Something I need to work on is definitely Impulsive Shopping haha I always come home with so many souvenirs for myself which I mostly don’t even need 😀 Photos should be the most important memories

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