From Jami Masjid, it was a short walk to Sidi Saiyyed Mosque. I walked through the chaotic markets of Amdavad, amongst the high pitched calls of street-hawkers and vendors. This part of the road in Amdavad resembles Old Delhi markets. Sun was residing into his Aaram kaksh, the western horizon.

Ahead of me was the famous Teen Darwaja of Amdavad. A short post and some pictures of this massive gate for your reading:

Build by Ahmed Shah in some 141 AD, this gate is an excellent example of the skilled workmanship of a bygone era. Its said that, Emperor Jahangir used to sit atop this gate to watch the processions to Jami Masjid.

Its very hard for one to imagine a grand procession through this gate, not because this monument is small. Teen Darwaja is huge & grand. Its the chaotic market around it, occupying every possible inch of ground near this gate, that will mess with our imagination.

If you look closely at the picture above, you can see a water bottle hanging on the monument, ropes tied here and there, around beautiful stone carvings. Huge nails are hammered into this monument, holding the plastic roofs of nearby shops.

Yet, I am happy that this monument still stands tall, in spite of both natural calamity & more devastating human destructions.

It was the famous Sidi Saiyyed Jaali which was in mind. The long walk and its aftermath, the exhaustion, made me skip my instinct to search for an entrance to climb on top of Teen Darwaja. So i walked on in search of Sidi Saiyyed Mosque and to accidentally visit ‘the restaurant amongst the tombs’…

PS: You might also want to read this Ahmedabad Mirror article on the gates of Amdavad: City’s Lost Gates

This post is in continuation to Chalo Patang Udaane – in search of Amdavad (IV) at Jami Masjid

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