Delightful Gorubathan, West Bengal

The Fascinating splendor of Gorubathan in West Bengal took me by surprise, I wasn`t expecting such a unique and lush green place. One can enjoy varied activities like Riverside camping, hiking, Jungle Safari to nearby forest of Sakham, visit Dalim Fort, experience tea tasting at organic ta gardens, take a dip at Chhangay Falls, witness the sunrise and sunset at Jhandi, eat home-cooked meals at homestays etc.

523553_100884743402490_1302266089_n[Image provided by Pawan Thapa]

I was going to Assam for my best friend`s wedding and thought of utilizing the time in exploring nearby places. Enroute to Assam, I took a halt at New Jalpayiguri from where I took a private taxi to Gorubathan, a small and humble place in the district of Darjeeling. I took a train from Delhi to NJP in West Bengal. North East Express that starts from Anand Vihar Railway Terminal was my choice of train for the journey which I ultimately regretted. A piece of advice never ever take the North East Express instead take Guwahati Rajdhani or Karamabhoomi Express.


[Image provided by Pawan]

Once there, I stayed at a homestay which is owned by Pawan Thapa who runs Himalayan Media Welfare Society(Voluntary NGO) in Gorubathan. He was kind enough to show me around the town and treated me with home cooked authentic food. I could only spare a day for this wonderful town. But if you decide to come here then my suggestion will be that you spend atleast four days in Gorubathan.

Some pictures from my trip:


If you ever decide to go to Gorubathan then do contact the following person:

Pawan Thapa

Contact no. 08801926294

Happy Travelling!!!

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